Management Committee

The Management Committee is key to our organisation, made up of people who have an Ataxia or are parents or siblings of people who do.

The management committee is made up of volunteers who provide their time and experience on a voluntary basis. The management committee are responsible for the organisation and its members and sit once a month to tend to matters over the last month and  to agree on direction and matters for consideration for the next one.

John Kelleher – Chairman

David Hanly – Social Media

Fidelma Clerkin – Fundraising Manager

Rachel Byrne – Events Coordinator

Katie Conway – Events Coordinator

Sean O’Hara – Regional Coordinator

Annette Kelly – Liaison Officer

Brenda O’Hara – Information & Communications Officer

Ken Caulfield – Treasurer

Patricia Lynch – Donations Coordinator

Nora Stack – Events & Skydive Coordinator

“Every decision made, must be in the best interests of our members”


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