Our Logo

The Ataxia Foundation Ireland (AFI) logo is made up of several elements, the X serves as a modern conceptual representation of a spliced DNA Strand.

The X also can be interpreted as a table in the middle with four places around it, representing our four founding members, cooperation, discussion and people working together.
The X also serves as a standalone symbol of the X in AtaXia.
The name Ataxia Foundation Ireland is pretty self-explanatory but the word Foundation has particular significance to us, founded by people with Ataxia who were determined to spend the necessary time planning and putting the correct structure in place for our organisation.
The logo combined with the colours is warm, attractive, positive, modern and visually pleasing helping to create our brand.


Ataxia Foundation Ireland a company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) Company Registration: 588973 Registered Charity Number (RCN) 20153540
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